Bangladesh PKI Forum
June 2019Bangladesh PKI Forum

There are five Private Certifying Authorities set up in 2012 and one Government Certifying Authority...

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Hong Kong PKI Forum
June 2019 Hong Kong PKI Forum

Hong Kong Government Certification Authority has been certified compliance to the international Webtrust...

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India PKI Forum
June 2019India PKI Forum

National Root Certificate by Government of India (Controller of Certifying Authorities)...

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Iran Center for e-Commerce Development
June 2019Iran Center for e-Commerce Development<

E-commerce Law, Executive Regulations, Article 32, Digital Certificate Policy Approved by Policy Council...

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GMO GlobalSign K.K.
June 2019GMO GlobalSign K.K.

Public Certification Service for Representative of Juridical Person under Commercial Registration Act...

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KISA / Korea Electronic Signature Forum
June 2019KISA / Korea Electronic Signature Forum

All the Banks and Post Office provide internet banking service using accredited certificate......

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Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau
June 2019Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau

Provides certificate lifecycle management to individuals, organizations and government...

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Chinese Taipei PKI & e-Authentication Consortium
June 2019Chinese Taipei PKI & e-Authentication Consortium

Decentralized Identification & Applications(e.g. Blockchain, Distributed Ledger...

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Thailand PKI Association
June 2019Thailand PKI Association

To maintain the Root CA system and compliance with WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities...

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