About PKI

About Public Key Infrastructure

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a universally adopted technology that works on asymmetric cryptography to digitally establish the identity of an individual, device, or server in a fool-proof manner. Powered by Public Key Cryptography, a technology used by most of the modern security systems, PKI provides assurance on the user’s identity in the digital world.

Public Key Infrastructure is the set of software, hardware, procedure, processes and policies required for the creation, management, distribution, storage and usage of digital certificates and public-keys. The technology delivers the building-blocks essential for creating a secure and trusted business environment and is the driving force behind technologies such as digital signatures and encryption.

PKI essentially helps establish the identity of people, devices, and services, thereby facilitating controlled access to systems and resources, and providing high-end data security and accountability of transactions. As a result of this, next generation business applications are becoming more reliant on Public Key Infrastructure technology to guarantee high assurance.