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(04 April 2019 Updated)



Asia PKI Consortium (hereinafter APKIC) is transformed from Asia PKI Forum (APKIF), which was jointly established by Japan, China, Korea, Chinese Taipei and Singapore in June 2001.

The objectives of the Forum are to promote interoperability among PKIs in countries/areas in the Asia/Oceania Region (hereinafter “the Region”) and to activate e-commerce utilizing the PKIs in the Region. APKIC has launched many fruitful activities since its establishment. It has coordinated cross-border PKI policies and technology, studied the laws and regulations of electronic transactions, and accelerated PKI technology standardization and the interoperability among APKIC members. Meanwhile, the Forum has promoted the development of international PKI interoperability by strengthening the cooperation between Asian countries/areas with PKI Forum in America, EESSI in Europe and the like.


Information technology has continued to develop at a rapid pace after the establishment of APKIC. Globally and especially in Asia, e-commerce and e-government have been developing in depth and have become an integral part of the social and economic life. Therefore, governments, enterprises and individuals are in dire need of construction and application of PKI. However, APKIC, a relatively loose-knit “forum” characterized by principal members which focus on the coordination of cross-border PKI policy and technology, can no longer meet that need. Therefore, APKIC has decided to implement a reform and transform the Forum into Asia PKI Consortium.


Current Member Countries (in Alphabetical order)

Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Macao, Taiwan and Thailand